Friday, February 25, 2011

Is Arsenal too Busy: Carling Cup Final 2011

This is the nearest that Arsenal has been able to come in the last five years of winning a trophy. Carling Cup final 2011 is the best chance at this moment for Arsene Wenger to get something. There is a strong possibility that they will win, but the only fear is that at this moment, Arsenal has too many things to do. They are, in fact, too much busy. That is why, it may become more difficult for the Gunners to keep the trophy.
Cameron Jerome thinks that there is too much pressure on Arsenal and Birmingham would be able to take advantage of this pressure. He is optimistic that his club would be able to cause an upset in the final match because of the pressure that Arsene Wenger has at this moment.
May be, to some extent, Cameron Jerome is right because this Sunday the Carling Cup 2011 final match will take place. Then on Wednesday, the Gunners will have to take on Leyton Orient in a FA Cup replay. The only good part is that this is a home match. Then on 5 March 2011 of next Saturday, Arsenal is going to play against Sunderland in premier league. Fortunately, this is a home match too. After that on 8 March 2011 Arsenal will travel to Barcelona to play against Barcelona.
I do not think that the pressure of busy schedule would be too much because Arsene Wenger desperately wants to win a title.