Friday, January 21, 2011

Yamuna: Latest South Indian actress found to be involved in prostitution racket

South Indian actress, Yamuna, has been accused of being involved in a prostitution racket after being caught by the Bangalore police in a well-known hotel on January 21, 2010.

She was caught along with Venugopal and another man. Venugopal is the proprietor of a Bangalore based software firm and the other person is suspected to be the agent who made the deal between them.

However, the involvement of South Indian film stars with prostitution racket is not new news. In past, many South Indian stars have been featured in the news paper for the same thing. But, Yamuna’s connection with such group really surprised her fans.

Hardly any of her fans could believe that their favorite actress did such thing. It is a matter of disgrace for the fans who found their actress doing evil things. Now, fans should want to know the reason of Yamuna’s involvement with prostitution racket. What made her to do such disrespectful work?

Before that, another South Indian actress, Ranjitha, got the media publicity for her alleged scandal with Swami Nithyanand.

Yamuna was an established name in South India film industry. She has acted in many Tamil, Telugu and Kannada films. Some of her hit films are Mamagaru, Mouna Poratam, Erra Mandaram etc. In many of her films, she acted opposite many big stars like Rajanedra Prasad and Vinod Kumar.

Yamuna has also made her debut in a small TV screen. She has got popularity to act in a TV serial named Vidhi.

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