Thursday, January 27, 2011

Shweta Tiwari complains against her ex-husband for insult

Shweta Tiwari has come into the center of media attention for not getting any success in her career but for her family matter. She has filed a case against her ex-husband Raja Chaudhary for being assaulted. She also said that her friend Abhinav Kohli was also assaulted.

It was her fourth complaint against her ex-husband. In her complaint, she said that Raja Chaudhary entered her house and orally abused her and her family. She also said that she was abused verbally and physically.

Last year in October Shweta also filed a case against him for trying to take her daughter away from her. Raja also physically insulted Abhinav Kohli when he tried to restrict him from doing so.

Senior Inspector R Prabhu of Malad police station has already charged several cases against him including assaulting, trespassing, and abusing.

Shweta is perhaps now facing insecurity for another attack and she asked for police protection.

What about Raja Chaudhury? Where is he now? He has hid himself. Fans are excitedly waiting to see what action police is going to take against him.

Shweta Tiwari won the Bigg Boss 4 and became the first female to get this title. She bet The Great Khali and won the title.

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