Saturday, January 01, 2011

Ranjitha complaints against Lenin and two other persons

South Indian actress, Ranjitha, has come at the center of media attention after she spoke in a packed media conference insisting that she was not the woman with Swami Nithyananda in the controversial CD. The press conference was held in Bangalore on Friday.

She has come out with an allegation almost after the ten months of the sex-tape allegedly involving Nithyananda and cine star Ranjitha. On Thursday, She came to the court at around 3.30 pm with her advocate and filed a case against Nithyananda's former driver, Lenin, who released the tapes and complained of conduct illegal activities in the swami's ashram. She also filed a private complaint against two others, Arthi Rao and Sridha, at the Ramanagaram District Court.

Ranjitha repeatedly said that the CD was not real. Her allegation against three persons of hampering her personal life should astonish all people around the world. It raised the question that why she opened her mouth after long day. To explain the reasons behind her silence all these days, she said that she and her family had been threatened to kill by some persons.

She was scared to show her face anybody and was forced to leave to the US on March 3. She also claimed that the CD was morphed by a pervert and sick-minded person. However, the CD was clarified by the forensic experts that it was not morphed.

The question that rises to the mind of her fans is that if she can prove herself that she was not the woman. Does she have any evidence to prove that?

Here is a video clip of her press meet that was shown on TV9-