Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Internet providers and mobile phone carriers in Bangladesh will have to come up with high speed Internet for Tablet device

We live in Bangladesh. When in the rich countries like USA, now, there is a lot of interest about tablet devices, most people in my country are yet to see any tablet PC. I think that one of the basic problems is the absence of high speed internet because you know that devices like iPad or Samsung Galaxy Tab requires a lot of speed. Yes, some shops sell Apple iPad and as far as we know, recently, Samsung has displayed Galaxy Tab in Dhaka but still 99% people hardly have any idea about tablet device.

In Bangladesh, high speed internet is still a very big problem and very expensive. Wimax is good but yet its coverage is not that good and the main problem of Wimax is that if you want just 1mbps of speed then you have to spend nearly $100 per month which is impossible for most people. We hope that company like Samsung takes initiative about this and join hand with smartphone makers Nokia in the Bangladeshi market and arranged good speed internet for those people who will buy Samsung smartphones and tablet devices and Nokia smartphone.

So, I feel that companies like Nokia and Samsung should join hand in Bangladeshi market and try to arrange good internet facility for their consumers. Of course, it is not easy because there is not Internet service providers are even mobile phone carriers. So, they have to talk to some Internet service providers and mobile phone carriers in this regard.