Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Wigan vs Arsenal Live Score Information: EPL 29 December 2010

If Arsenal can win the match tonight against Wigan then it will very important victory for them and they will finish 2010 as a serious contender or challenger to the league title. Last night, Manchester United drew in their match and as a result United has now 38 points from 18 matches. Arsenal has 35 points from 18 matches and if they win tonight then from 19 matches they will have 38 points.
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Just in Monday night or two days ago, Arsenal defeated Chelsea 3-1 at the Emirates Stadium. This win has earned them a lot of praise as most of the fans are confident that they can win the match against Wigan. It is a moment, Wigan is a very bad condition and they are on the 18th position in the league table. However, here I like to remind all the Arsenal supporters that this time Arsenal is not the host club. It is Wigan who will be the host club and Arsenal is the away club. So, it may become some difficult for Arsene Wenger and his players to get an easy win from Wigan.
Wigan has managed to get only 19 points from 18 matches and their goal scoring record is not good either. While Arsenal has 17 goal differences in favor of them, Wigan has goal difference of -14.
For Arsenal, bad news is that there is no place for Fabregas because he got the fifth yellow card of the season in the match against Chelsea. So, he cannot play this match. Most probably Arshavin may come instead of him. Of course, Wenger has now some good players who are fit. So, he may find it difficult to make a selection in the midfield and striking position. In the match against Chelsea, Andrey Arshavin and Marouane Chamakh both are in the reserve bench. So, the absence of Fabregas should not be felt that much deep.
This season, Arsenal has done most of the time good against smaller clubs. On the other hand, for a long time, Wigan has suffered against the big four clubs of Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool and Manchester United. On the other hand, this season, Arsenal has been in good form in the away matches and the good thing for them is that Theo Walcott is again coming back to good form.
I think that Walcott and Wilshere may again same tonight in the first eleven. Wenger might think of selecting Chamakh instead of van Persie.
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