Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Three users can surf web on Opera Mini from now

Opera Mini is known as a popular web browser among the mobile phone users. Day by day it is getting more popularity among the mobile phone users who use Internet on their hand sets. Three has made a deal with Opera that will allow the customers of Three to use Opera Mini web browser on their phones.

Customers will have to download the software to get the advantage of browsing web on their hand sets. There is no need to pay money for the application. The software is now available on Three’s portal.

Customers will be able to surf the same web pages on Opera Mini as like PC. As the Opera Mini browser compresses pages before sending them through to phones, it will save up to 90 percent of the data they would use.

Opera Mini browser will be found especially useful to the customers with older phones. More than 3000 mobile phones of all types will get support from Opera Mini. Now, old mobile phone users can browse web on their mobile phone.

Opera Mini users will get faster surfing and more efficient data use.