Tuesday, December 28, 2010

STAR Ananda and STAR Majha introduce ‘Sharad Ananda’ & ‘Bappa Majha’

STAR Ananda and STAR Majha are two popular news channels located in two different countries in India. These two channels have been gearing up for the major religious festival- Durga Puja and Ganpati Puja. They have launched two religious programs named “Sharad Ananda” and ‘Bappa Majha’.

Durga Puja is the most popular religious festival among Bengali while Ganpati Puja is widely celebrated in Maharashtra.

STAR Ananda is a 24-hour Bengali language cable and news channel owned by the STAR TV. It is headquartered in Kolkata, India. “Sharad Ananda” is one of top programs of STAR Ananda. Millions of Bengali people celebrate is successfully every year. It has been divided into different segments like Superstar Bonam Megastar, Pujor Gaan, Pujor Fashion, Pujor Bonus, Pujor Adda, Flat Barir Puja. These segments involve all the happenings during Puja like Devotional Songs, Fashion, Food, Pandals contest.

However, STAR Majha broadcast ‘Bappa Majha’ is not less popular than “Sharad Ananda”. It is also a very popular program among Marathi people. Its segments are Pot Puja, Morya-Morya, Dev Majha, Dev Darshan, Mahapandal contest, Gharguti Ganpati. Last year, Red Label was the presenting sponsor and Kent RO & Goodnight Advance were associate sponsors. Winning the heart of Maharashtrians it attained average market share of 45%, with an Avg Daily reach of 3mn viewers, avg TVR of 0.12, and 9% more time spend as compared to its nearest competitor. Last year, it was presented by Videocon and powered by Bharat Super Cement.