Thursday, May 06, 2010

Toyota Posted 50% Jump in April Sales in Japan

Despite going through a tough time with a mass recall, Toyota posted a 50% growth in its April sales in Japan. Toyota has recalled a huge amount of vehicles over the faulty pedals that caused sudden acceleration in brake on a number of occasions.

However, it seems that the mass recall did not affect its domestic sales in the last month. Toyota sold 113,644 cars in April 2010, a sharp increase from a year earlier figure of 75,777. What is more important is that this growth rate is even larger than the 33.5 percent growth of the Japanese auto market.

Last year, the market was struck by global economic recession and almost all the car makers experienced reduction in sales compared with the previous year. With recession is over, global auto industry is now improving gradually. However, Toyota’s jump in April sales took many by surprise because the Japanese automaker was under huge pressure due to its recall. Moreover, the company also revealed a 24.4% rise in its April sales in the US market.

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