Friday, April 23, 2010

Honda Operating Profit Increased by 90%

Honda Motor Co. has seen huge operating profit in the last financial year. A Nikkei report revealed that the Japanese automaker almost doubled its operating profit in the year ending to March as its yearly profit increased by 90% to 360 billion yen which is even more than company’s expected profit of 320 billion yen. Honda saw excellent success in the emerging markets like India and China and it is now planning to grab more market shares in those markets. Honda is also getting huge response for its hybrid cars in the US.

While Honda is going through a good time, its domestic rival Toyota is facing a tough time. Toyota is all set for a huge recall leading to its share falling down. Naturally, Honda would like to capitalize on its huge demand in the emerging markets, while under pressure Toyota would have to find out ways to get out of the tough situation and regain its shares in the market.

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