Monday, April 26, 2010

Chinese Automaker BYD to Launch Electric Car e6 in the US

Chinese companies are in a race to make green cars. For the first time, a vehicle made in China is going to be launched in US and that is an all-electric 5-seater e6. Produced by Chinese automaker BYD Inc., the minivan will be available on West Coast sometime this year. This car can generate its power through all ‘green’ sources including battery, solar panel and even wind turbines.

This is not the end of the story. In fact, a number of Chinese automakers like Chery Automobile and Volvo buyer Geely are now concentrated on making green vehicles. China government is also promoting Green technology in its bid to grab a significant share of the comparatively new electric car market. Moreover, more focus on green technology would help China reduce pollution.

It seems that in the near future Toyota and Honda, two leaders in hybrid car market, could face stiff competition from the Chinese automakers. Moreover, the entrance of Chinese car makers into hybrid car market means that it is high time for other car makers like GM to think about this new but potential market seriously.

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