Thursday, February 25, 2010

Japan Sees 40.9% Export Growth in January 2010

At last, some good news for Japanese economy. Exports stats for January 2010 are out and the good news is that on year to year basis, Japan could export 40.9% more compared to January 2009. This is an impressive figure. In January 2009, the economy of the country was suffering from the worst impact of the on going global economic recession. Many people lost jobs and there was a sense of frustration among everyone in Japan.
Things are still not rosy for Japanese economy. However, what happened is that things became some better for most Asian countries and the recovery in China helped to boost the demand for Japanese products. Now, China is the largest exporting market for Japan. Now, again, there is growing demand for cars and electronic goods.
I just hope that the Toyota problem gets finished within a few months.