Wednesday, January 06, 2010

New Small: A Concept Car from Honda Displayed in Delhi Auto Expo 2010

Japanese car maker Honda has introduced a small concept car which is named “New Small” in the currently ongoing Delhi Auto Expo 2010. Smartly designed, the new concept car reflects the futuristic view. The company is planning to launch this small concept car in India and Thailand in 2011. This new small car is different from other small cars currently available in the market mainly in terms of its attractive design.

Techtree reported:

The front has a pair of striking pulled back headlamps with LED being the source of illumination, giving it a very futuristic look. The grille has a prominent arrow shaped which extends over to the engine bonnet and the large Honda logo taking centre stage. Below you can see the gaping air inlet split horizontally by a thin bar which ends in cool looking fog lamps.

This car will feature 1.0L version of VTEC engine from Honda and it could also feature 1.2L version of Jazz engine. The price and the fuel efficiency are the points where this New Small car could exploit in the market.