Monday, January 18, 2010

Motorola brings out Google Android Phone in South Korea

No, I am not talking about the Google Nexus One phone that was launched a few days ago. I am talking about a mobile phone that runs on Android operating system or platform. You know that Google developed Android platform for mobile phones and also netbooks. Motorola has come up with an Android phone in the market of South Korea earlier today. The name of the phone is MOTOROI and it runs on Android. The consumers in Korea will be able to buy it from SK Telecom Co. SK Telecom Co is the largest wireless operator in the country and the price of this phone is around $800.
The phone is good for internet browsing, watching videos and playing games. It is also not bad for taking pictures and its display is 3.7 inch. As a result, this MOTOROI smart phone will be a competitor to Apple’s iPhone. In Korean market, the price of iPhone is the same $800.
Of course, South Korea has two of the leading mobile phone manufacturing companies in the world.
Samsung and LG are Korean companies and they have also smart phones that are very popular in this market. It should be noted here that the price of Samsung, LG and smart phones are a little bit lower than Apple’s iPhone.
Apple has started to take this market seriously because South Korea is one of the riches countries on earth and people here are very much interested about new gadgets.
The condition of Motorola is only going down day by day. Only three years ago, it was the second largest Mobile phone manufacturer in the world after Nokia but now it has gone to the fifth position. On the other hand, Korean companies Samsung and LG have emerged as second and third largest manufacturers and they are also planning to introduce a number of mobile phones that would run on Android platform.