Friday, November 27, 2009

US debt clock in Real Time: Why Should you Bother?

United States is the richest country on earth. Many people live a fairy tale live compared to people of most countries. Well, what perhaps many of us from other countries do not know that US debt clock is just ticking.
 I live in a third world country and I belong to middle class income group in my society. I don’t own car, nor does anyone in my family. I don’t have continuous electricity and water supply in my apartment. On the other hand, people in America perhaps cannot think of an apartment that does not have water or heater or Air Cooler. These things are a part of every day life there. Even a taxi driver has them in his or her home.
This kind of luxury comes at a price. The price is increasing national debt. US Public debt is increasing all the time. To get an idea about this matter, visit this link:
If you are a US citizen then you should bother about it simply because excess of anything is bad and even dangerous. The economic recession of 2008-09 has perhaps taught all of us the lesson that any economy can suffer from recession.