Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Toyota Prius Could be a Family of Vehicles in Future

Toyota is currently leading the global hybrid market with a 75 percent share and it seems that the Japanese automaker is planning to strengthen its hold in the hybrid market. There is no doubt, Toyota Prius has become an increasingly popular brand in the hybrid car market and that is why, the automaker is planning to roll off several other hybrid cars under the brand name of Prius, and thus, making it a sub-brand of Toyota.

That means Toyota Prius could be a family of vehicles; rather than just one vehicle. However, nothing has been finalized yet, but it has been reported that the plan of making Prius a sub-brand is now on the discussion table and it could happen in future. If Prius really appears as a family of several vehicles, you could find large as well as small versions of hybrid vehicles from Toyota Prius.

No doubt, Toyota has seen extensive success through Prius in the hybrid market and it has been perhaps the most popular hybrid car in the world. The company is also planning to sell more than 1 billions hybrid vehicles per year from now and the company will churn out 10 new hybrid cars.

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