Thursday, September 10, 2009

Toyota 2010 Prius plug-in hybrid to be Displayed at Frankfurt Motor Show

In an age when people are very conscious about the environment, the demand for hybrid cars is increasing a lot. Toyota is one of the companies that is trying to address this market. So, let us see if Toyota 2010 Prius plug-in hybrid can win the attention of the media and visitors of Frankfurt Motor Show which is going to take place in a few days.

Yesterday, the company issued a press release in this regard. It has the capacity to run on electric mode and when it is charged with electricity then it has the ability to travel upto 12 miles. Then the charge will finish and the car will go on hybrid mode. So, it will be good for short trips. It will save money and at the same time will help you to keep the environment clean.
“The greatest hurdle in bringing to market a reliable lithium battery is mass production. We must have a production process that guarantees each battery will be identical in performance and quality,”
“Although we like to be first to market with these technologies, it’s more important that we are best to market.” “This demonstration program will ensure that the vehicles we bring to market will not just meet customer expectations, but exceed them.”
 Irv Miller, TMS group vice president, environmental and public affairs said about this car.
Well, I guess that he said thing because Toyota has been some behind than some of its competitors in developing electric cars. 500 cars of Prius plug-in hybrid model will be tested this year around the globe.