Thursday, September 24, 2009

India vs Pakistan CT 2009: What the sponsors want?

You may get shocked with the title of the entry because normally we think of the expectation of the supporters and TV viewers. Here, I am going to talk about the sponsors. The main reason that I want to talk about the sponsors is that they have become very important in cricket in our time. First, there are the TV channels who are going to broadcast this India vs Pakistan match on 26th September, 2009 in many countries of the world. I think that nearly one billion people will watch the match.
So, it is a very attractive think to make money. As you know the main revenue comes from Indian market from the game of cricket. Naturally, the companies that have strong presence in the Indian market are sponsoring this tournament. So, most of them would want that India wins the match and keep the hope of moving to the semi-final alive. The sponsors also want that this match does not finish too much early because then they will not be able show their advertisement.
Normally a cricket match continues for seven to eight hours and after every over there is some break of nearly one minute and the sponsors and companies show their advertisements. So, they will surely want that this match continues right to the end and there is a nail biting finish. If there is a nail biting finish then naturally people will be glued in front of their TV set and will see the advertisement more carefully. Here, I like to remind you that in 2007 ICC World Cup cricket, India had an early exit from the first round and then the whole world cup became a loss for many companies. So, the sponsors surely this time do not want this to happen.