Monday, September 14, 2009

Google Dominating in India and Brazil

There is no doubt, Google has a vibrant presence in many countries when it comes to search and other internet services. However, Google’s dominance is much more vivid in internet in India and Brazil. In India, people use 29 percent of their total time spent online on a Google service. The percentage becomes 30 when it comes to Brazil. Google’s overall average is 9.4 percent. So, you can now understand clearly the dominance of Google in India and Brazil.

New York Times reported:

In Brazil, Google captures nearly 90 percent of all searches, 71 percent of the time spent on maps (compared with just 42 percent here) and 43 percent of the time spent on blogs (compared with 30 percent here). In India, it represents 88 percent of searches, 64 percent of maps, and 48 percent of blogs. Gmail accounts for nearly half of the Indian Web e-mail market, compared to just 6.4 percent here.

Well, it is pretty much understandable that Google has done very well in the developing markets. India is ranked 7th and Brazil 9th in the list of global internet usage. However, the good thing for Google is that both India and Brazil are among the fastest growing countries and both have huge population. So, there is every opportunity for Google to grow and strengthen their foothold in the years to come. Moreover, Google has good presence in other big markets like China and Russia.