Monday, September 07, 2009

FIFA Should Look for South Asian Market for Football

FIFA is the governing body that looks after football or soccer. It is the most popular sports in the world and perhaps the only truly global sports. This Wednesday or 9 September 2009, two important football matches will take place. England will play against Croatia and on the other hand, Argentina will play against a South American opponent. These two matches are important because if England wins then they will qualify for World Cup Football 2010 that will take place in South Africa next year. On the other hand, it has become a do or die match for Argentina. They must defeat Paraguay to keep the hope of qualification.

In South Asia, there are millions of people who are crazy for Argentina national football team. Now, Maradona is the coach of Argentina and that is why there is even added reason for their craze. The players of England national football team are also known to many football fans in South Asia because ESPN and Star Sports broadcast English Premier League matches live. Unfortunately, sports fans in South Asia, would not be able to watch the two matches live in their TV channels. I do not know the reason behind this thing but it will be a sad day for football fans in South Asia.

It is high time that FIFA gives attention to this matter. It is really not a joke. In this region, nearly 1.5 billion people live.