Thursday, June 11, 2009

Maruti Experienced 10% Growth in American Market in 2008-09 FY

Maruti Suzuki posted a 10% increase in its revenue in the American car market in the last fiscal year, while its parent company Suzuki faced a 55.6 percent decline in its total sales over the last one year. This is really a big achievement for Maruti Suzuki, which is a subsidiary of Japanese auto maker Suzuki, to maintain a growth in the last fiscal year when many other automakers struggled to minimize its operating losses due to a significant fall in demand amidst economic recession in the country.

Maruti Suzuki recorded Rs 23,085 crore of revenue in the last financial year which is 10 percent growth compared to the year-round income. Suzuki, on the other hand, just saw a significant fall in its sales and lost a huge chunk of revenue. In fact, the Japanese company posted a revenue of Rs 18,000 crore which is 55-6 percent less than the income it earned the previous year.

It is a really a matter of surprise that the India based automaker has seen excellent success in the US market which has been a hard platform for the noted automakers to fare well. Well, Maruti Suzuki has launched a number of small cars in the last one year and has seen extensive success in the domestic market too. The company now expects similar success in the current fiscal year too both in domestic and American car markets.

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