Friday, May 15, 2009

Sony suffer loss after many years

Sony is a very popular brand name in the whole world and although it is a Japanese company, it is perhaps more famous than outside of Japan. In many countries, a Sony television is considered to be some kind of symbol of prestige and many people rely on the brand name more than many brands as we know. So, it is very shocking to see that after fourteen years the company suffered annual loss of nearly one billion dollar. It has happened mainly because the amount of sells has decreased in many countries because of economic recession.

As you know, Sony is a major leader in the field of consumer goods. Naturally when the economy is down, many people are not interested about consumer products but they go for necessity products like food and medicine. Many of them have lost jobs and naturally they are worried and they do not want to buy expensive television or a video game. Sony also makes some very good laptops and now it is the time of netbooks but what I can find is that until now, the company has not taken the market of netbook seriously in fact Sony does not have any netbook until now. So, I believe that it is something that the company can look forward to if they want to become more profitable. It should be mentioned here that last year, Sony announced that it made three billion dollar of profit in the previous twelve months. So, it shows the amount of damage that economic recession has done to Sony.