Sunday, May 17, 2009

Maruti and Tata in Search of American Engineers

People in Asia always dream to have a job in the US or in Europe, but now it seems US people are keen to have a job in India! Well, it might seem to be strange, but this is the reality amidst the global economic slowdown. While the leading automakers like Toyota, General Motors are cutting jobs in their various plants, Indian automakers are now in search of engineers from USA.

Recently, two of the leading Indian automakers: TATA and Maruti- took part in the Society of Auto Engineers' 2009 World Congress Career Fair at Detroit, looking for new engineers from US for different functions. The two automakers even short listed a number of candidates at the fair. Maruti Suzuki India wants to improve its Omni and M-800 models to Bharat Stage 4. TATA is planning to launch its much-publicized 1 lakh car Nano to US market, but to do so the company needs to improve TATA Nano on its current stages of Bharat Stage II and Bharat Stage III, it is needed to upgrade in order to match up the US emission and safety standards. For example, TATA Nano currently does not feature air bag.

To achieve these things, both Maruti and TATA now want help from US engineers, given that the American engineers would have much more experience regarding US markets. Now, let us see if the two automakers from India can successfully achieve what they are looking for by using the talent and experience of US engineers.

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