Monday, May 25, 2009

European Stock Markets Fall, while Asian Shares Rise

On Monday, European shares struggled at stock markets, while Asian stock markets rose. Though there was news regarding North Korea’s nuclear test, Asian shares did not suffer. However, the share markets in Europe did not do well on Monday. DAX index of Germany for blue chips fell by 1.1 percent to 4862.81. Share market in France also saw slight fall on the day. Germany is the largest economy in Europe, but they suffered significantly over the last few months. Though it was reported that confidence among the investors would increase significantly in May in Germany, it did not increase expectedly.

Analysts think investors are now making any giant leap considering the lack of stability in the market. Many of whom are looking at US economy and are waiting to see if US economy improves in the comings months. Asian markets were unfazed by North Korea’s nuclear test, as investors focused more on domestic issues and US economy.

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