Saturday, April 25, 2009

Will Tata Nano be Successful in USA?

Tata Nano is the recent craze of India’s auto market. India is a price sensitive market where price plays a big factor when it comes to become successful in any business. Tata Nano costs just $2000 (about 1 lank Rupees) and it seems that Tata Motors could grasp a big chunk of market share in Indian car market. It is also considered to be a threat for two wheelers in Indian market mainly because of Nano’s price tag.

So far, Indian market was considered to be a price sensitive, but due to economic recession, it seems that American consumers have also become very conscious about price and they are highly attracted towards the products which will cost them a lot less than a typical one, but would offer standard features. Though Tata Nano is a low-cost passenger car, it looks like a gorgeous one, and its periphery design would not let you believe that the car is available for such a low price.

Tata Motors can take smart move by focusing on American market, besides its large domestic market. For American market, Tata could offer an improved version of Tata Nano, offering some improved features with a slightly high price tag. To be honest, this is a big chance for Tata have a bite on American car market.