Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Maruti Suzuki India Experienced Record Sales in 2008-09 Fiscal Year

Maruti Suzuki India recorded 3.57% rise in its total volume sold in 2008-09 fiscal year to 7,92,167 units, a record sales for Maruti Suzuki in India in a fiscal year. Only in March, Maruti Suzuki sold 85,669 units, 21.87 % up from year-round 70,296 units. The year 2008-09 marked 25th year of Maruti Suzuki in India. It is really good news for Maruti Suzukia amidst economic slowdown.

Maruti Suzuki experienced decrease in its sales in October, November and December, before the situation started getting improved from January this year. In fact, January sales were 5.39 % up from the sales of the same period last year, while February sales jumped by 24.08 % compared to the year-round volume.

Economic recession in Europe and America has started making its impact in India. So, Maruti Suzuki’s surging sales seem to be very surprising. Other car makers can follow Maruti Suzuki in this time of economic recession.

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