Thursday, April 02, 2009

How to get a Plane Ticket Free?

You may think that I am joking with you or it is an April Fool trick. No, it is not a gimmick but a true tragic story. Now, you may also become surprised to think that how can getting a free plane ticket to be a tragedy? There are many workers in just one who are feeling right now this way and they’re depressed that they’re going to get the plane ticket free to go back to their country from which they came. So, they’re not in a happy mood despite the fact that they’re going to get some plane tickets without any money.

BBC reported:

Japan is offering 300,000 yen ($3,000;£2,000) for a plane ticket home for some unemployed overseas workers.

In addition, there is 200,000 yen for each family member leaving the country.

The scheme only applies to hundreds of thousands of South Americans of Japanese descent, living in the country on special visas for factory work.

This is a bad move from the Japanese government because these people belong to the same race as the rest of the population. Their forefathers left the country because they were forced to do that and at that time, that economic condition of Japan was not good. Now, it is the opposite situation as Japanese government is asking these people to leave.