Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Toyota Financial Services in Trouble

Just one year ago this time, I can remember that the officials of Toyota were in celebratory mood as they are saw that their company was the number one car maker in the world. Well, I don’t blame them because hardly anyone can predict that the economic recession would become such a big deal just one year later. Now, the company is seeking government help to finance some of its projects and I guess that Japanese government will listen to them because Toyota is a very important company for Japanese economy. The company not only is a big Export earner for the country but also the same time many people do  jobs in this company and you have to agree with me that Toyota symbolizes the power and a strand of a job and in world economy. Toyota Financial Services gives loans to consumers and this may help them to buy cars. The funny thing is that this company now needs some loan and assistance from the government so that they can survive.


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