Sunday, March 22, 2009

Tata Nano vs Motorcycles

Tata Nano is going to be in the market from tomorrow. Mehdi Hassan has written about it in South Asia Blog: Will Tata Nano turn around Tata Motors’ luck? Well, I have to say that the car has got a lot of media publicity in the last few years. At one stage, some people might have thought that it was impossible to sell a car for $2,000. Tata Motors is making it possible and they deserve all the credit in the world for this. One of the things that many people are now saying is that whether the Nano will be an alternative to motorcycles? The price of this car is very close to the price of a motorcycle. So, there is no doubt that many people would think that whether they should buy a motorcycle or a Tata Nano.

As for me, I can neither drive a motorcycle nor a car. So, they look same to me. However, many people I know who own a motorcycle always dream of having a car someday. So, there is a possibility that many families would from now in India would go for Tata Nanos instead of motorcycles.