Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Hillary Clinton in Japan Visit

Hillary Rodham Clinton is the Secretary of State of USA. Now, she is visiting some Asian countries at this moment and yesterday she came to Japan. Today, she is going to Indonesia. This is the very important trip for two reasons. First of all, this is the first official visit of Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State. Secondly, it has come at a time when the global economy is suffering from acute economic recession. So, it is a very important visit for Asian countries too.

The visit to Japan came at a time when most people in the country are very worried about their future. Japanese economy is passing the toughest time since 1970s. In Japan, job security is a very important matter for most people and now, they find themselves into a position in which hardly anyone knows that if tomorrow they will have a job or not.

Hillary Clinton has assured Japanese government that new Obama administration consider Japan to be a trusted friend and USA would give its support about Japan’s relationship with North Korea.

I wonder if the visit of Hillary Clinton will help to bring assurance among the people of Japan about their economic condition.