Thursday, February 19, 2009

Baidu Growing in China but Not that Much

Google may the top name in search engine, but in China, it is Baidu in search engine market. Google has tried a lot, but yet could not do anything in the Chinese market. Well, I feel that one of the reasons that Baidu has become so successful in China is that Baidu people understands the local market very well. Now, the financial result of the company has come out and it showed that in the fourth quarter, its net income has increased 31%. Well, it is good, but it is not enough and in fact, the revenue did not increase compared to the third quarter. Not only that, there is fear that the revenue of Baidu may not increase in 2009 that much. It shows that the Chinese economy is not doing well and there is a sense of slowdown in China. This is very bad news for the country as still millions of people are poor. The expectation of ordinary people has increased a lot and that is why, people are now expecting that the government will be able to do something for them. On the other hand, the Chinese government is now at a very tight condition and unfortunately, the condition of global economy is not good and they are helpless.