Friday, January 30, 2009

Toyota’s operating loss increasing

Toyota is the largest car maker in the world and last year their condition looked very smooth as they overtook GM as the leading auto maker. However, now because of global economic recession, Toyota is suffering a lot and it is giving some operational loss. This matter is going to continue for the next few months as the condition of American economy is only becoming worse. Even yesterday, there was new report about employment situation and job loss has not stopped and the economy of the USA has impact shrug some compare to the past month. So, investors in the USA share market are now worried about the future and everyday we are getting new news about job losses. For example, Ford is cutting down 1200 employees. Eastman Kodak, which is a famous company about photography, is cutting 4500 jobs. Starbucks the leading coffee chain is decreasing almost 6000 employees. The list can continue and that is why; I am not surprised to see that Toyota has been giving operational loss.