Saturday, January 10, 2009

Chinese Farmer Wu Yulu Becomes Famous for Robotic Invention

Wu Yulu is a Chinese farmer, but his sons are not human being! No, I am not kidding you. Yulu’s sons, as he claims, are not human beings. They are made up of pieces of plastics and various metals and in fact, they are robots. Yes, this Chinese farmer has become famous in China by making robots which turned his fortune around. Despite facing severe hardship in life, Wu Yulu did not give up on making robots, a work he has had fascination for since his early life. He burnt down his house while spraying with battery acid, and thus, he along with his family was homeless. His sons left house and wife Dong Shuyan was also about to leave. Moreover, with battery acid, Wu Yulu also burnt his face and chest and was hospitalized. He said that he considers his robots as his sons and loves the robots more than his sons.

Wu Yulu is not in poverty now and has become an inspiration for many in the country. He is now working in developing robotics with universities and companies. He is no more a poor farmer; rather Wu Yulu has become a living example for many of us who lose patience in despair and give up halfway of a work.

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