Thursday, January 22, 2009

Canon shuts down its Melville construction office

Canon USA branch will shut down its Melville construction office as the company has not cleared issues related to “site approvals and incentives packages.” The company ordered Turner Construction, the contractor company to remove its office from the Melville site. In a statement, the company said that there is no necessary for a

full-time construction office as work has not begun.

Long Island Business News reports:

Canon, which currently operates out if Lake Success, was enticed to build the new campus in Melville because the Suffolk County Industrial Development Agency offered it $35 million in incentives. Those include $16 million in local and state sales tax exemptions and $19 million in property tax breaks for a decade after the headquarters opens.

Canon is a famous Japanese company that mainly specializes in cameras, photocopiers and computer printers. In the new office 2500 workers are going to work.