Sunday, November 23, 2008

LG Incite CF 810: LG's latest Windows based mobile phone

Famous South Korean Electronics Company, The Laclede Group, Inc.
(NYSE:LG), in collaboration with
AT&T Inc.(NYSE:T), announced to launch its latest Windows based mobile phone,LG Incite CF810. It is LG’s first Windows based mobile released in USA. LG’s previous Windows based mobile phone, LG KS20, was released in Europe in 2007. Later, an American edition was sold through the FCC website. Operated by Windows Mobile 6.1 Professional, the LG Incite CF810 sports features similar to those of Apple iPhone. Here are some of the major features of the LG Incite CF 810:

  • The LG Incite CF 810 supports the latest 3G network.
  • The LG Incite CF 810 comes with an integrated GPS.
  • The LG Incite CF 810 comes with Wi-Fi (802.11 b/g).
  • The LG Incite CF 810 supports Bluetooth.
  • The LG Incite CF 810 comes with Microsoft Office Mobile, Microsoft ActiveSync 4.5. It is the first mobile phone from LG that supports Windows Media Player 10.
  • The LG Incite CF 810 has 3-inch touch screen.
  • The LG Incite CF 810 has 3.0 megapixel camera. It features AT&T’s Video Share which, for the first time in US, enables users to share live video while participating in a voice call.
  • The LG Incite CF 810 comes with QWERTY keyboard in landscape mode containing twenty haptic keys with vibration feedback.
  • The LG Incite CF 810 has a user friendly interface. It has a scroll button to the upper right of the screen. You can also use a stylus.
  • With the LG Incite CF 810’s drag-and-drop favorites menu users can easily access to various applications.
  • The LG Incite CF 810 comes with AT&T Navigator. It gives turn-by-turn voice directions, 3-D moving maps, traffic alerts, re-routing, and other “location-based services.” Market Watch reports:

There also is business and personal e-mail access through Microsoft Direct Push and AT&T's Xpress Mail service, instant messaging and AT&T Mobile Music service, which provides fast access to downloadable music from eMusic(R). Store all your favorite songs with the microSD Memory Port with up to 16GB of support.

The LG Incite CF 810 is the second fruit of LG Microsoft collaboration. On November 3, 2008, LG and Microsoft signed a preliminary agreement on “strategic collaboration in mobile technology.” Microsoft CEO, Steve Ballmer, recently visited South Korea and signed the agreement. Previously, LG and Microsoft joined hands to produce a Windows enabled version of a Chocolate phone for South Korea. This was followed by collaboration between LG and AT&T.Priced at $199.99, the LG Incite CF 810 comes with a two-year contract.

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