Friday, November 28, 2008

Japan Heading to Deeper Recession?

I didn’t get surprised or shocked to see more and more recession use this case because the whole world is suffering and it is something that we all have to face and we all have to deal together. In fact, sometimes I feel that it will be tough recession for rich countries compare to the people of the poor countries. After all, we have from the parts were countries have been habituated to unemployment and poverty and other problems. In fact, these things are a part of our everyday life and they do not make us afraid that much anymore. We have already experienced the oldest and what is there more to have. Think of the Japanese people. Their seats and they can afford all kind of luxuries. They have high taste and high purchasing capacity and is in a company like Nokia cannot do well in the Japanese market because most people in Japan are fond of very expensive mobile phone sets.

So, I feel that the recession time for Japanese people will be really very hard to deal with and I just hope that it does not create social instability in the country. One good thing of the people of Japanese that their very disciplined and they’re also very focused. However, the last time they really suffered a tough economic recession and bad condition happened many years ago.

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