Saturday, July 05, 2008

SprintS hits gold with Samsung M800 Instinct

Samsung’s latest “iPhone clone,” Samsung M800 Instinct was launched by SprintS on June 20th. The good news is that Samsung M800 Instinct has been very successful. Sales have been so well that Sprint is facing a hard time to keep up with the demand. The quick sales resulted into temporary shortages at some of the locations in the USA. In a company statement, SprintS said that the company has been working diligently to increase inventory in all sales channels. Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd. (SEO: 005935) has increased its effort to deliver more Instinct phones and its manufacturing plants are operating at full capacity.

The shortage shows that American consumers are now growing an appetite for smart phones. According to SprintS, Samsung M800 Instinct is the ‘fastest selling EVDO handset’ in the company’s history. e flux Media reports:

Sprint Nextel needed the sales boost in order to get back in the front line, as its reports for the past year showed some rather upsetting figures. Even though the phone’s reviews mixed about its capacities and market potential, once released, it managed to break the company’s record for the biggest first week sales of any high-speed Evolution-Data Optimized (EVDO) portable device.

Samsung M800 Sprint is a full touch-screen mobile phone that uses Sprint's broadband network and EVDO Rev. Major weaknesses of the phone set includes: lack of instant messaging and WiFi, poor call quality, troublesome internet browser, small memory, and poor camera.

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