Thursday, June 19, 2008

Will Honda FCX Clarity be the ultimate transport solution of the future?

Like a big python, the high price of fuel coiled the world economy and squeezing out every chance of growth. From the top economies to the poorest region, every one is suffering from high fuel prices. At the same time, major environmental changes and green house effects have changed our lives. At such a critical stage, Honda Motor Company may have been able to bring a sigh of relief among people. The new Honda FCX Clarity is going to hit the road next month. A car that runs on hydrogen and emits no CO2 but water seems to be the ideal car for every one. However, there is a catch. The car is not still available for the mass market. It comes with a high price tag.

Still, the good thing is people in developed countries have started using vehicles that are fuel efficient and emits less CO2. The revolution has already started in the United States of America. Major US automakers like Ford, Chrysler, GM are now focusing on building small fuel efficient vehicles and hybrid and electronic vehicles.

Now, the million dollar question is, can cars like Honda FCX Clarity change people’s demand of oil? At this stage, that is a big ‘No.’ The demand of oil will still remain high as more and more countries are moving towards industrialization. In addition, there are many products around us that require petroleum to produce such as plastic. It would take a lot more to divert people from using oil as the major source of energy but Honda FCX Clarity is the symbol of hope. It shows that if we try we can change ourselves and enrich our lives and the lives of others.

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