Thursday, June 26, 2008

Sprint's Samsung Instinct won the heart of the consumers

Good news for Samsung (SEO: 005935). Finally, the South Korean mobile phone set producer has produced something that has become a major competitor of Apple iPhone 3G. The Samsung Instinct marketed by Sprint is doing very well. The sales of Samsung 3G started from June 20th. So far, it is the best EVDO handset ever offered by Sprint. The company is having a tough time to keep pace with the high demands of the consumers. The first week sales is a proof that consumers have accepted the new touch screen technology. Into Mobile reports:

“We had high expectations going into the launch so our initial order to Samsung was the largest for any Sprint EVDO handset to date,” said John Garcia, President of Sprint’s Wireless Division. “The strong early response tells us that wireless customers recognize Instinct as a highly-innovative and convenient touch-screen device combined with the fast speeds available on the largest national mobile broadband network."

The Sprint Instinct is priced at just $130 after $100 rebate and 2-year contract. If you can't swing that kind of coin, try winning a free Instinct.

No doubt that iPhone is very popular it is one sleek looking smart phones but it has lags behind in some departments. For example, the Apple iPhone 3G does not have voice dialing system. In this regard, Samsung Instinct is a voice-centric device rather than data centric.

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