Friday, June 06, 2008

Samsung SGH-i900 : The latest 'iPhone killer' from Samsung

It looks like Samsung has become desperate to take over Apple’s iPhone. Earlier, it released Samsung F480 TouchWiz to take over the phenomenal iPhone. Now, Samsung is going to release another iPhone killer Samsung SGH-i900. Samsung revealed this phone set on 15th April at a Dutch Telecom event ‘Televisie 2008’. Samsung said that they will release it in summer. Recently, images of the phone have been leaked out over the net by a Chinese website

Length: 112 mm.
Breadth: 56.9 mm.
Width: 12.5mm.
Weight: 122 gm.
From outside, the Samsung SGH-i900 looks just like iPhone; except it is a bit thicker and shorter than the iPhone. The phone has a brushed metal finish all around. On the face it has only two buttons.


  • The Samsung SGH-i900 is a Windows mobile smart phone that comes with Windows Mobile 6.1 version.
  • The Samsung SGH-i900 has single-band 7.2mbps HSDPA/UMTS.
  • The Samsung SGH-i900 comes with tri-band GSM/GPRS/EDGE.
  • The Samsung SGH-i900 has Bluetooth 2.0 and EDR.
  • The Samsung SGH-i900 has FM Radio.
  • The Samsung SGH-i900 comes with an autofocus 5 mega-pixel camera.
  • The Samsung SGH-i900 has a 3.5" haptic touch screen with 240×400 pixel.
  • The Samsung SGH-i900 has 8GB internal memory. (in, it was 16 GB).
  • The Samsung SGH-i900 comes with WiFi b/g.
  • The Samsung SGH-i900 has 624MHz Marvell processor.
  • The Samsung SGH-i900 has 128MB of RAM.
  • The Samsung SGH-i900 has an optical sensor. It can be used in two modes: as regular four-way directional pad and as onscreen mouse pointer.
  • One of the major problems of the Samsung SGH-i900 is that it does not come with a stylus. You have to depend on your fingers.
  • The Samsung SGH-i900 has MicroSD expansion.
  • The Samsung SGH-i900 comes with 1,480mAh battery (according to gadgetell 1500mAh battery).
  • The Samsung SGH-i900 has TV-output.
  • Probably Samsung is going to launch two versions. The i900 will be branded as Samsung and the i908 will be branded as Anycall.

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