Saturday, June 28, 2008

Plug-in hybrid car users "Be careful"

Now days, there is a new trend of converting hybrids into plug-in hybrids in the USA. Many government officials and political leaders are supporting this move as the price of fuel is hurting people in the USA. However, you have to be careful if you are planning to convert your Toyota Prius or any other hybrid model into plug-in hybrid. Several days ago, a plug-in Toyota Prius went up in flames. The Prius was run by a South Carolina electric cooperative. Later, it was found out that the fire was created by sparks from loose connection in the car’s battery. Fortunately, no one was hurt.

The major advantage of converting a hybrid car into plug-in hybrid is that it increases the car's electric power and the level of oil consumption by the car can further lowered. In case of going long distance, you have to recharge the car from time to time. However, the conversion process of the hybrid is still not modified. Toyota Motor Corporation (TYO: 7203), the maker of the most popular hybrid car, Toyota Prius, declared to release the plug-in version of hybrid in 2010.

Currently, some ‘after-market companies’ are doing this conversion which would cost between $7,000 to more than $20,000. So, if you are planning to convert your favorite hybrid into a plug-in hybrid, just be careful.

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