Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Panasonic introduces newly developed fluorescent bulb

Matsushita Electric Industrial Co. Ltd. (TYO:6752), the producer of leading electronic brand, Panasonic, today announced its new Pa-Look Ball Premium Q (quick) compact fluorescent light bulbs. The product will be available in Japan from the next month.

The main problem of fluorescent bulbs is that, they do not reach their full brightness instantly like the incandescent bulbs. Well, the new Pa-Look Ball Premium Q (quick) is the first to be produced under “hybrid lighting method” which helps the bulb to regain 60% of its full brightness in its first second. JCN Network reports:

To solve the problem, Panasonic has successfully developed the "hybrid lighting method" by installing a newly-developed compact "quick lamp" in the "quick lamp" allows the bulb to obtain 60 percent of full brightness within the first second after it is turned on, which is 50 percent faster than current Pa-Look Ball Premium bulbs and stands as the industry's quickest ramp-up time[1].

A built-in timer automatically turns off the "quick lamp" when the spiral arc tube lamp develops enough brightness. As a result, the new Premium Q bulbs achieve brightness equivalent to that of 54-watt[2] incandescent bulbs with an energy consumption of only 10-watts[3], cutting down CO2 emissions and electricity bills by 80 percent[4].

Fluorescent bulbs are increasingly becoming popular for their energy efficiency, environment friendliness, and long lifespan. However, they can not be used in places like bathrooms where the lights are frequently turned on and off for they take some time to reach their maximum brightness. The new Pa-Look Ball Premium Q (quick) does not have this problem.

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