Friday, June 13, 2008

Mazda Motor Corporation starts public road trial of its new safety vehicle Mazda ASV-4

Famous Japanese car maker, Mazda Motor Corporation (TYO:7261) has started road trials of its newly developed safety vehicle, Mazda ASV-4. The new safety system used in this car uses vehicle-to-vehicle communication to alert drivers at blind intersection or on twisting roads where visibility is low.

The company is hopeful that the new safety system will reduce or enable drivers to avoid serious road accidents. The company has already started testing of its two-vehicle blind collision avoidance system. Road trials of the right-turn and rear-end collision avoidance systems is going to start later this year. Courier reports:

The trials, now into their fourth phase, are based on the Japanese Government's Advanced Safety Vehicle promotion plan, a program which has been designed to promote the development, practical application and wider use of ASV technologies to reduce the number of traffic accidents.

The ASV project was launched by the Japanese Government in 1991 as part of a drive to make the nation's roads safer, an initiative which was then expanded to include all domestic motor vehicles.

Test results from phase one to phase three has been very successful. The major safety technologies developed by Mazda includes a rear vehicle monitoring system that can detect vehicles approaching from behind at high speed. Pre-crash safety system uses milliwave radar to monitor the presence of oncoming obstacles and alerts the driver and automatically applies the brakes.

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