Friday, June 20, 2008

Japanese manufacturers take top position in UK's Car Magazine survey

Famous British magazine, Car Magazine recently conducted a reliability survey which revealed that Japanese cars are better than British and other European models. Honda Motor Company Limited (TYO: 7267), the second largest car maker in Japan took the first place. The first eight spots of the survey were taken by 38 Japanese brands. The study was conducted over 89,768 cars that were upto eight years old. reports:

Statistical analysis was used to calculate a Brand Reliability Index percentage based on readers' reports of total breakdowns, faults that required a vehicle to be taken to a garage and minor niggles.

Break-downs were weighted more heavily than niggles. Honda achieved 85 per cent followed by Toyota, Daihatsu, Lexus, Mazda, Subaru and Suzuki.

The Korean Hyundai brand was the first to make inroads into Japanese domination, scoring 80 per cent.

The table was divided into reliability categories ranging from the best "very good" through "good", "average" and "poor" with the least reliable being described as "very poor".

Out of the eight Japanese brands, seven made it to the ‘very good category’. South Korea’s Hyundai and Porsche fell into the “good” category.

Most of the British cars fell either into ‘poor’ or ‘very poor’ category. Rover, MG, Land Rover fall into “very poor”; Vauxhall “poor”; Mini and Jaguar reached the average figure.

Honda was also in fault position with it Civic model that was made in Swindon, Wiltshire. The car came at the joint-bottom spot in the individual model’s list.

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