Friday, May 02, 2008

Toyota NewZealand buys carbon credits to offset carbon emission

Toyota’s New Zealand arm bought 4500 carbon credits from the Palmerston North City Council of New Zealand. The carbon credits were sold from Awapuni Landfill gas-to-electricity project. This has offset the company’s entire carbon emission for the last two years. reports

Toyota and the council were also discussing a supply agreement for future years, which the council said would further help to fund the Awapuni site development.

The Awapuni project uses methane gas produced within the landfill to power its wastewater treatment plant, and offers surplus energy to the national grid.

The purchase was the largest since the first sale of carbon credits to the Austrian government two years ago. The project has the capacity to generate around 35,000 carbon credits a year.

Buying carbon credit is a good approach to reduce carbon emission but sooner or later, we should go for cars that do not emit much CO2 such as electric cars or hybrid cars such as Toyota’s Hybrid Prius.

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