Friday, May 09, 2008

Sony's Livespire : A theatrical revolution

On May 9, Sony Pictures Entertainment Incorporation announced to distribute its digitally filmed live sports and other events in Japanese theatres. The new service called Livespire will be launched on May 10 2008. On that day, “Riding the Metro,” a musical will be shown in three 109 Cinemas chain theatres. Operated by Tokyu Recreation, Sony will show the musical in four more 109 theatres by June. Variety reports:

In June, in cooperation with the Amuse talent shop and the Nelke Planning legit theater company, Sony will also distrib the musical "Frogs” in four theaters in the 109 Cinemas chain.

The musicals are shot using Sony CineAlta HDC-F950 cameras, while Sony subsid Sony PCL handles filming and editing. Sony plans to use the Livespire service to market not only digital content, but its digital hardware, including the Sony-developed system for digital theater projection.

Within the current fiscal year, Sony will expand this service to 10 theatres and film five live events. Currently, only 100 Japanese theatres have digital projection systems but this number will increase in the next three years.

In my opinion, it is a very good business. Till now, we know that movie theatres only show movies but not any more. The 80th Academy Award ceremony was shown by projection in various places all over America. With this new arrangement of Sony, now people can enjoy such events in theatres just like movies.

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