Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Sony revealed Home's event venue but not sure about its release date

Sony unveiled the event venue of 'Home', its interactive virtual world,last week to the selected members of its Home beta test. The company recreated Play Station Day 2008 in Home’s Media and Events Space. The space created will be given to the companies for displaying their advertisements and event. reports:

"As well as looking great, the Media and Events Space is flexible and user-friendly - it’s a real focal point for our virtual community," said Home producer Martijn Van Der Meulen. "This was a very exciting first event and we’ve already received plenty of great feedback."

I appreciate Sony showing off new features as much as the next guy, but I've been waiting since Home originally debuted (Game Developers Conference 2007, almost 15 months ago) to actually get to play around with the thing.

Home is a virtual world created by Sony where its gamers could meet and chat; just like Second life. Sony unveiled the program in March 2007 at the Game Developers Conference. The main problem is Sony has not been able to launch it on time. According to David Reeves, president Sony Computer Entertainment Europe, Sony’s original vision for home to include non-gaming applications and sponsors diverted its attention away from the gamers. Reeves also said that if Home’s Fall release had been postponed it will be definitely launched in autumn. On the contrary, Sony President Kazuo Hirai said that Home will not be released until he is happy with the final product.

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