Sunday, May 25, 2008

Sony Ericsson W380i Mobile Phone Review

Sony Ericsson has recently launched W380i walkman mobile phone. It is specially designed for using walkman and the mobile set has some other attractive features as well. Sony Ericsson is one of the market leaders of the global mobile phone market. The company has a number of winner mobile sets in the past and it has a strong brand value in the market.

  • With W380i model phone, Sony Ericsson is trying to popularize the walkman phone to the mobile phone users. Here, I am giving some features of Sony Ericsson W380i handset:

  • It does not have an exclusive design, but it looks as attractive as other typical Sony Ericsson mobile phones.

  • Sony Ericsson W380i sports a letterbox shaped OLED screen. Well, the users can not see the screen until they get into music options of the phone or until an incoming call or SMS come to be appeared in the OLED screen.

  • Users can also get to know who are trying to make contact with them in this phone. Sony Ericsson W380i handset has some touch buttons that provide with a good control over its music function.

  • The back part of the casing is used as a lock for the touch buttons.

  • Another exciting feature of Sony Ericsson W380 handset is the gesture control by which you can dismiss a call just by waving your hands. How? Well, there is a light under the lens of the camera and that light turns on whenever an incoming call comes or the previously set alarms gets to be ringing. If your hand is within 7cm of the light, you just need to waive your hand over the light to dismiss either the call or the alarm.

  • Sony Ericsson W380i mobile phone measures 92mm tall, 49mm wide and 16mm thick with 100g of weigh, which is also a good advantage for the users to carry the mobile easily.

Sony Ericsson is a joint venture of Japanese electronics company Sony Corporation and Swedish telecommunications company Ericsson. After the two company came together to produce mobile phone in 2001, both the companies gave away producing their own brand of mobile phone. No doubt, there are a few features in Sony Ericsson W380i which I think, could easily be very attractive among the mobile phone users. Now, let us see if Sony Ericsson W380i phone set brings out huge success for the joint venture mobile phone company.

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