Friday, May 02, 2008

Samsung YP-S2 MP3 Player: A Round Shaped Sleek Device to Go on Sale for $40

Now, it seems that Apple’s iPod has at last found a possible competitor in the market. It is Samsung YP-S2, a "pebble"-style MP3 player. Actually, the picture of this MP3 player reminds me of a hand compass. It looks gorgeous and the users can easily carry it. In fact, you can hide it on your hand palm. This round shaped MP3 player costs only $40, which can store 1GB.

So, in terms of design and cost, it seems that this MP3 could really take some toll from Apple’s iPod Shuffle. Now, let us see if Samsung YP-S2 MP3 player brings out some success for the company.

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prosansa said...

I think the competition between ipod, sansa, zune, creative and other is really tough. That’s why each of them is trying to differ some how. I’ve read ( that sansa launched new product – sansa fuze so they are trying to keep up))) too