Sunday, May 11, 2008

Preview of Samsung Access Mobile Phone

If you are interested to watch television program in your tiny mobile screen even when you are on the go, then I think, Samsung Access could be worthy a mobile phone for you. Samsung Access mobile allows its uses to have access to AT&T's mobile TV service. Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd. (SEO:005930) has launched this handset for giving a real TV experience in mobile screen to its consumer.

No doubt, this is the most attractive features of this mobile set. Web browsing, messaging, music and other typical features of an average phone are also available in Samsung Access mobile phone.

Infosyncworld reported:

Pros: Mobile TV looks much better than streaming clips, more like real television. Phone is simply designed, like a small TV set.

Cons: Call quality lacking. Other features good, but seem like also-rans. TV quality wasn't perfect, and we're already missing advanced features, like DVR.

Well, it is true that this is not something of a unique set, rather I think, Samsung would launch updated version of Samsung Access. However, counting its real-TV experience it provides to the users, Samsung Access seems to be a handy mobile set for enjoying television program, even when you are traveling. So, if you are thinking of buying TV supported mobile phone, then you can include Samsung Access in your option list.


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